Too Jewish - 10/25/20 - Laura and Ellen Distelheim

Laura and Ellen Distelheim, daughters of Rochelle Distelheim, the late author of the new book "Jerusalem as a Second Language"

Too Jewish - 10/18/20 - Karen Reb Rudel

Karen Reb Rudel, virtual tours of Jewish Paris

Too Jewish - 10/11/20 - Beth Kissileff

Beth Kissileff, editor of the new book, "Bound in the Bond of Life: Pittsburgh Writers Reflect on the Tree of Life Tragedy" for the 2nd Anniversary

Too Jewish - 10/4/20 - Lynn Sharon Schwartz

Lynn Sharon Schwartz, award-winning author, about her new book "Truthtelling"

Too Jewish - 9/27/20 - Rabbi Ken Spiro

Rabbi Ken Spiro, Aish HaTorah Senior Lecturer in Jerusalem, author on Jewish history

Too Jewish - 9/20/20 - Greg Schneider

Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President, Claims Conference on the new survey of Holocaust knowledge among Millenials and Gen Z, as well as the effort to remove Holocaust denial from Facebook

Too Jewish - 9/13/20 - Susan Shapiro Barash

Susan Shapiro Barash, pen name "Susannah Marren", author of the new book "A Palm Beach Scandal"

Too Jewish - 9/6/20 - Sina Kahen

Sina Kahen, author of the new book "Ideas – Bereshit"

Too Jewish - 8/30/20 - Hillel Halkin

Hillel Halkin, on B'nei Menashe Jews of India; translator, author, man of letters

Too Jewish - 8/23/20 - Julie Seltzer

Julie Seltzer, Soferet (female Torah scribe)

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