Too Jewish - 11/27/22 - Rabbi Matt Gewirtz

Rabbi Matt Gewirtz, author of "To Build a Brave Space: Rabbi on a Motorcycle"

Too Jewish - 11/20/22 - Professor Aaron Welt

Professor Aaron Welt, organized crime and Jewish economic development in the early 20th century

Too Jewish - 11/13/22 - Emily Tamkin

Emily Tamkin, author of the new book "Bad Jews"

Too Jewish - 11/6/22 - Shoshana Nambi

Shoshana Nambi, first woman rabbi from the Abuyudaya Jewish community of Uganda, and author of the new children's book "The Very Best Sukkah: A Story from Uganda"

Too Jewish - 10/30/22 - Yair Rosenberg

Yair Rosenberg, creator and editor of "The Deep Shtetl" newsletter for "The Atlantic" magazine, journalist and musician

Too Jewish - 10/23/22 - Ruth Wisse

Ruth Wisse, woman of letters, translator of the new edition of Chaim Grade's "The Quarrel" from Yiddish

Too Jewish - 10/16/22 - Suzette Sheft

Suzette Sheft, 16-year-old author of the new YA book, "Running for Shelter, a True Story"

Too Jewish - 10/9/22 - Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein

Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein, co-creators of the new Ken Burns documentary, "The US and the Holocaust"

Too Jewish - 10/2/22 - Isabel Vincent

Isabel Vincent, author of "Overture of Hope"

Too Jewish - 9/25/22 - Judy Mandel

Judy Mandel, author of the new memoir "White Flag"

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