Too Jewish - 6/13/21 - Tonia Shimon

Tonia Shimon, editor of the new book "The Art of Symeon Shimin"

Too Jewish - 6/6/21 - Oshrat Bar-El

Oshrat Bar-El, past mevinah on Israel and our Too Jewish correspondent in Israel, on the Gaza War and Israeli public sentiment now

Too Jewish - 5/30/21 - Chen Dinachi

Chen Dinachi, past Too Jewish Shinshiniyah (young representative of Israel) from Shoham, Israel discussing her experiences during the Gaza War

Too Jewish - 5/23/21 - Tammy Gillies

Tammy Gillies, ADL Arizona regional director

Too Jewish - 5/16/21 - Rabbi Michael Berenbaum

Rabbi Michael Berenbaum, Ph.D., Holocaust authority, historical advisor of the newly remastered Academy Award-winning documentary, "The Last Day"

Too Jewish - 5/9/21 - Professor Idan Dershowitz

Professor Idan Dershowitz, author "The Dismembered Bible" and "The Valediction of Moses" 

Too Jewish - 5/2/21 - Rabbi Kerry Olitzky

Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, outreach expert and author of the children's books "Sam and Sophie" and "The Littlest Candle"

Too Jewish - 4/25/21 - Manu Rosen

Manu Rosen, author of "If Anyone Calls, Tell Them I Died"

Too Jewish - 4/18/21 - Rena Rossner

Rena Rossner, author of "The Light of the Midnight Stars"

Too Jewish - 4/11/21 - Amir Eden

Amir Eden, co-founder of the website "Hebrew in Wonderland"

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