Too Jewish - 10/30/16 - Rabbi Capers Funnye

Rabbi Capers Funnye, Chief Rabbi, International Israelite Board of Rabbis

Too Jewish - 10/23/16 - Neshama Carlebach

Neshama Carlebach, singer and composer

Too Jewish - 10/16/16 - Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis, author of "Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn"

Too Jewish - 10/9/16 - Rabbi James Rudin

Rabbi James Rudin, retired National Interreligious Affairs Director of the American Jewish Committee, author of "Pillar of Fire: A Biography of Stephen S. Wise"

Too Jewish - 10/2/16 - Richard Michelson

Richard Michelson, author of "Fascinating—the Life of Leonard Nimoy"