Too Jewish - 5/28/17 - Pamela Schuller

Pamela Schuller, Jewish inclusion advocate and standup comedian

Too Jewish - 5/21/17 - Yonatan Nir

Yonatan Nir, Israeli filmmaker of "My Hero Brother"

Too Jewish - 5/14/17 - Matti Friedman

Matti Friedman, Israeli journalist and author of "Pumpkinflowers" and "The Aleppo Codex"

Too Jewish - 5/7/17 - Jeffrey Sussman

Jeffrey Sussman, author, "Max Baer and Barney Ross, Jewish Heroes of Boxing"

Too Jewish - 4/30/17 - Richard Michelson

Richard Michelson, author, "The Language of Angels: A Story about the Reinvention of Hebrew"