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Archive for October 2018

Too Jewish - 10/28/18 - Rabbi Albert Slomovitz, Ph.D.

Posted by toojewishradio on 29th October 2018

Rabbi Albert Slomovitz, Ph.D., Captain (Colonel) US Navy Chaplain Corps, Jews in the US Military and the History of the US Supreme Court

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Too Jewish - 10/21/18 - Jeffrey Ohrenstein

Posted by toojewishradio on 22nd October 2018

Jeffrey Ohrenstein, Chairman, Memorial Scrolls Trust, London on the Czech Holocaust Torah Scrolls

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Too Jewish - 10/14/18 - Dvir Bar-Gal

Posted by toojewishradio on 15th October 2018

Dvir Bar-Gal, The Jews of Shanghai and the Shanghai Ghetto

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Too Jewish - 10/7/18 - Phyllis Folb

Posted by toojewishradio on 8th October 2018

Phyllis Folb, Executive Director of the America-Israel Gap Year Association

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Too Jewish - 9/30/18 - Steven R. Weisman

Posted by toojewishradio on 1st October 2018

Steven R. Weisman, author of "The Chosen Wars: How Judaism Became an American Religion"

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