Too Jewish - 10/28/18 - Rabbi Albert Slomovitz, Ph.D.

Rabbi Albert Slomovitz, Ph.D., Captain (Colonel) US Navy Chaplain Corps, Jews in the US Military and the History of the US Supreme Court

Too Jewish - 10/21/18 - Jeffrey Ohrenstein

Jeffrey Ohrenstein, Chairman, Memorial Scrolls Trust, London on the Czech Holocaust Torah Scrolls

Too Jewish - 10/14/18 - Dvir Bar-Gal

Dvir Bar-Gal, The Jews of Shanghai and the Shanghai Ghetto

Too Jewish - 10/7/18 - Phyllis Folb

Phyllis Folb, Executive Director of the America-Israel Gap Year Association

Too Jewish - 9/30/18 - Steven R. Weisman

Steven R. Weisman, author of "The Chosen Wars: How Judaism Became an American Religion"