Too Jewish - 1/27/19 - Rabbi Daniel Freelander

Rabbi Daniel Freelander, President, World Union for Progressive Judaism

Too Jewish - 1/20/19 - Rabbi Richard Agler

Rabbi Richard Agler, author of "The Tragedy Test: Making Sense of Life-Changing Loss"

Too Jewish - 1/13/19 - Professor Anna Shternshis

Professor Anna Shternshis, Grammy-nominated in World Music for her archival Yiddish music project "The Lost Songs of World War II"

Too Jewish - 1/6/19 - Rabbi Anne Brener

Rabbi Anne Brener, author of the classic book "Mourning and Mitzvah" on the release of the revised 25th anniversary edition, on coping with loss

Too Jewish - 12/30/18 - Jane S. Gabin

Jane S. Gabin, author of "The Paris Photo"