Too Jewish - 4/28/19 - Denise Shader Smith

Denise Shader Smith, mother of the late Mallory Smith, author of "Salt in My Soul"

Too Jewish - 4/21/19 - Tal Keinan

Tal Keinan, IDF pilot, entrepreneur, fund manager, philanthropist and author of "God is in the Crowd: 21st Century Judaism"

Too Jewish - 4/14/19 - Natalie Silverstein

Natalie Silverstein, author of "Simple Acts: The Busy Family's Guide to Giving Back"

Too Jewish - 4/7/19 - Bram Presser

Bram Presser, author of the National Jewish Book Award winner debut novel "The Book of Dirt"

Too Jewish - 3/31/19 - Rabbi Marc Gitler

Rabbi Marc Gitler, 929 North America, the online and app-based daily Bible chapter program